8 Ways You Change By Living Abroad

Living abroad, although not for long, is something that changes your life for the better in most cases. You face new challenges, you discover facets of yourself that you were unaware of, you’re surprised and let yourself be surprised by the world. You learn and expand your prospects. Unlearn and with a blow and a few lessons, you grow in humility. Evolve. You miss your old life… but create new memories that will never leave. If you’ve ever lived through a season away from home, you surely understand the 8 things that happen when you live in another country, no matter for how long:

1. The word routine ceases to exist

When you make the decision to leave, your life is a roller coaster of emotions, learning and improvisation. For a while you forget what routine is. New places, customs, challenges, new people…


2. You learn what patience is and ask for help

In another country, the simplest thing can become a challenge. At first you feel a little humiliated to ask for help from who you have around to find the right word, catch a bus, process papers and so much more. There are moments of despair, but you are patient and agree that asking for help is inevitable and healthy. And that feeling of discomfort gradually disappears when you realize you can do much more.

3. You feel more free

Surely you will be as free as before but the feeling is different. If you managed to leave the comfort of your home and can function so far away from it, you feel you can do anything. Now you know that it´s possible to put everything in a bag and go anywhere in a single day! Starting from scratch and starting over becomes very easy.


4. You don’t speak a particular language anymore

Everyday you learn the new language, but unlearn a little of your own. Words escape you in another language, you turn to expressions that are not in the appropriate language and you find yourself thinking in your second language.
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5. The line between the normal and the strange becomes somewhat blurred

Living in another country and travel makes you realize normal is equal to socially accepted. So when you immerse yourself in another culture your concept of normality crumbles. It teaches that there are other ways of doing things and a time you´re surprised by things that were previously unthinkable for you. You know yourself better to discover what are the things that you really believe and what are learned.
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6. Your concept of time warps

In the distance, time seems to pass very slow, while in your new home everyday goes very fast. You learn to measure in small moments, whether it be a Skype with your best friend or a beer with your new friends.

7. You realize that it’s not where, but when and how

Deep down you know you do not miss a site, but the magic combination of place, time and the right people. Nostalgia invades you in the most unexpected moment, you miss details you never imagined and would give anything for a moment to transport you to that place.

8. When you come back everything continue as always

You are surprised to realize that everything takes its usual pace, nothing has changed. You get full of experiences and the others continue their daily duties, that’s when you realize that life does not stop for anyone. So don’t stop living it!

So if you haven’t lived this experience or you crave to have all those feelings again. You can do it by taking an internship, improving your English skills with some language courses or working as an Au Pair. Contact us and start your next adventure today!


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