Tips for Dealing with culture shock

When you are visiting a foreign country you may feel a bit disoriented or confused about the differences. Culture shock is normal and can happen anytime for example, introducing oneself, gestures… the unspoken norms. It’s really important to know how to deal with culture shock, so take notes! (Or just save our amazing infographic!)

Amazing tips for dealing with culture shock

Cultural Shock

Be open-minded

Be opened-minded; this is very important when dealing with culture shock. Open your eyes, listen to everyone, be aware of the new situations, gestures… immerse yourself in a new way of life. It’s a good idea to do a research before the trip, that way you will know a few things beforehand. 

Culture Shock

Ask for advice

Your study abroad coordinators will help you with everything you want to know. So don’t be shy and ask them, and not just them, ask everyone.
You may think people are being impolite with you, but the most of the time is just a timing or gesture difference with your own country. 


Cultural Shock

Find a hobby

Relax your mind and find a new hobby, activity you like. In some cultures, people play sports, others prefer to watch a TV Show or movie, to visit lots of places, go out for a coffee with your workmates… anything that makes you feel amused when overcoming cultural shock.

Culture Shock

Meet new people

Usually your roommates (or host family) are the best first option, that way you won’t feel alone in your new home. To meet your neighbors is a really good idea too, and you can’t forget your workmates or classmates. But get out, go for a drink on the weekends, and try to make new friends. They could be dealing with culture shock too. 

Culture Shock

Get involved

If you understand more about the local life you will stop feeling less like a stranger. The best way to do it is making an effort on learning the language. If you can speak fluently, you also can talk about your feelings. It’s an awesome way to be more integrated and overcome cultural shock. 

How to deal with cultural shock 2

Do you have any other tip for dealing with cultural shock? Please tell us! We’re here to help you have an amazing internship.


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