Don’t miss these awesome spots in Budapest


If we had to choose something that would define Budapest, it would be its river. The Danube separates the two cities that give name to the city, Buddha and Pest. Two cities full of beauty and history, joined by eight bridges. Its monumental richness, its role in history, its cultural offer and one of the best gastronomies in Europe, make Budapest a city in which to miss is a pleasure.



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1. Visit the Matthias Church

One of the must-see sights in Budapest. Matías Church, built in honor of King Matías Corvino, is the most important religious building in the city.

2. Enjoy the best views of Budapest from the staff of the fishermen

It is located behind Matthias Church. It is an exceptional viewpoint offering panoramic views over the Danube.

3. To know the Hungarian painting in the national gallery of the royal palace

The National Gallery of Hungary focuses, almost exclusively, on painters of Hungarian origin.

4. Cross the chain bridge on foot

It was the first bridge that permanently united the two banks of the Danube. One of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. The Liberty Bridge is also among the most beautiful bridges in Budapest, right in front of the Central Market, another of the sights in Budapest.

5. Bathing in one of the spas in Budapest


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No one can doubt that enjoying at least one of the Budapest spas is one of the things to do in Budapest. There are dozens of spas that can be found in Budapest and among them there are some that are among the most beautiful spas in Europe.

6. Visit the Budapest Opera and if it can be, enjoy some performance

Another must-see in Budapest and no one should miss it. There are daily guided tours organized in various languages ​​so there is no excuse to visit one of the must-see buildings in Budapest.

7. Visit the Basilica of San Esteban and go up to its viewpoint

The Basilica of St. Stephen is probably the most sacred place for the Hungarians, from the religious point of view. This is so, because in San Esteban is the most important relic in the country. It is the one that is known as Santa Diestra, who is no more than the right hand of St. Stephen, one of the most important monarchs in Hungarian history and who brought Christianity to the country.

8. Enjoy its bakeries and cafes, the most elegant in Europe

It is known that the Hungarians were not the inventors of coffee. But they were the ones that raised to the category of art the fact of having a good coffee. That is why among the things to see in Budapest there are several of the most beautiful cafes in Europe.

9. Visit the second largest synagogue in the world

There was a time when one of the most important Jewish populations in the world was concentrated in Budapest. That is why it is not strange that in this city was built the largest synagogue in Europe and second largest in the world after New York.

10. Stroll along Andrassy Avenue

The design of this avenue responds to the will of Count Andrassy in the nineteenth century. The avenue that bears his name has been declared a World Heritage Site.

11. Living the Central Market Environment


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The market is huge and has a ground floor and a first floor. Also, in the basement there is a supermarket. It is still one of the major supply markets in the city.

12. Visit the Budapest Parliament

Undoubtedly one of the things to see in Budapest is its Parliament. And that means getting a ticket and visiting inside. In addition, guided tours are done in several languages ​​in a way that is enjoyable and understandable.


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