How to find a tailored internship

For an internship abroad, there are many things you have to figure out so you get out of it what you expect and want. Here at Partnership International, we try to create the ideal experience based on your career goals, to create that tailored internship. 


The first point to consider is the accommodation: we offer two choices. The first is an apartment with other peers. Each person has their own room and together they share the kitchen, bathrooms and sitting room. You have great independence, living without parents. Another possibility is to stay in a family home where you will be 24/7 in contact with the language. 


The second fundamental point is the location. Partnership International gives you several choices in Europe. Budapest, a city located in Hungary, is full of young people and has the headquarters of the Institute of Commerce and Technology of the EU. For people who prefer a warmer and more temperate climate, there’s Seville, great for its food and new opportunities in economics. There’s also Valenica, a city that combines historic and modern architecture and that has important foundations in technology. Finally, we have the green island of Ireland with the possibility to choose between Dublin, the capital and home of many multinationals, and Cork, the second largest city in Ireland with great working opportunities in the economic and commercial sphere

The Internship

– The last thing to consider is the industry. We work in a variety of fields: financial, computer, graphic, commercial, engineering and hotel. We provide high quality internships in the major companies of the industry so that you are provided with practical and concrete bases. They also help you choose your college course, or allow you to put into practice what you have studied already in your university career. 


Our internship programs are flexible and are available all year, but we recommend you book at least 2 months before the date you plan to arrive.  Read our page with the information for the application and for more details about booking your work-adventure. Contact us today.


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