Galway, Ireland – Where every stone has its own story!

“We’re not going to chill and stay at home at the weekend!”

Those were the exact words my friend Lena told me before we both went to Ireland. Needless to say she really meant it. So one day when we sat at the kitchen table we decided: “Let’s do a weekend trip to Galway!” So Lena, our roommate Mehmet, our friend from Dublin Jan and I packed our stuff and were ready to go!


Luckily she found a really good place to stay with Airbnb so there was nothing stopping us to have an awesome weekend – Nothing but the weather. In my last blogpost I talked about sunny Ireland and that I didn’t see a single raindrop in my first week. Oh dear, was I wrong. Of course on the day we did our big tour to see the Cliffs of Moher and one of the Aran Islands the weather was as bad as it could be. Our tour guide described it as “normal” and “nice”. But he is from Ireland, what did I expect? Even a storm would be considered nice here but just a little heat and people are going crazy (anything over 24 degrees is “too hot”).

Even though the weather could have been better the tour was simply amazing. We did it with the Galway Tour Company and had a funny tour guide named Paul. He talked for two hours straight about everything you wanted to know about Ireland (and everything you didn’t even know you wanted to know). “We are in Ireland. Every stone has its own story.”


So after two and a half hours we arrived at Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands. The landscape was absolutely beautiful and it is amazing to see what people can do to make a life on an island with these kind of conditions (mostly really stormy) work. And if you have the chance to go to this amazing little spot on earth you’ll need to try the fudge that is sold there. It is so tasty – we really liked the strawberry or lemon one!

On our ride back to Doolin we got a nice view from the Cliffs of Moher from the bottom. You always see pictures of these giant rocks in television or on the internet but you can’t imagine how impressive they are in real life. (Is this real life or is it just fantasy?)

Equally impressive is standing on top of them and looking at the ocean. Really you can’t imagine how awesome it feels to have the wind blowing in your face at “the top of the world” (at least it feels like it). If you ever have the chance to stand on top of the Cliffs just put the camera or your mobile away for a while and enjoy the breathtaking view!


At the end of our tour we got to see another amazing place – the one where Tolkien got his inspiration for Mordor. It’s a huge area full of stones and even if that sounds pretty boring at first it will definitely be worth a visit. And for the Harry Potter Fans out there this was also the place where a scene from the movie was shot!



On Sunday we got to enjoy Galway itself. The town was full of street artists like nearly everywhere in Ireland (I’m slowly getting used to all of these talented Irish without feeling bad about my own lack of talent) and we decided to go on a little sightseeing trip on our own. Good thing about Galway is that the city is so small but still full of life. We definitely had a great time there and if you have the chance you will need to get an ice cream from Gino’s!




At the end we just enjoyed the sun (yes, it finally appeared again!) in a park.


If you want to see exactly how much we loved our trip just take a look at this:

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