Do you like making cups of tea, endless photocopying and fetching the boss’ dry cleaning? No? That’s good, because neither do we! Here at Partnership International our internship program is all about gaining useful practical experience and developing key skills to boost your resume.

Au Pair Ireland
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We don’t believe in a boring internship program and we don’t want to waste your time with them! That’s why our professional team use our ever-expanding network of host companies to match the best company to your skills and experience.

If the thought of traveling to a foreign country for an internship program sounds great in practice but makes you a little bit nervous, don’t worry! We’re on hand throughout the program to support you and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Just like the A-Team* our staff are always ready to jump in and problem solve whenever you need them!


We have amazing internship opportunities to choose from, each with their own unique flavor! Why not try work and study in Dublin – Ireland’s vibrant capital, or perhaps sunny Seville is more your taste? The choice is yours, but you can rest assured that with Partnership International behind you, it’s guaranteed to be amazing!

So what’s stopping you? Sign up today for the career adventure of a lifetime, and a chance to gain an edge in the employment market!

*Disclaimer: Our team are not a bunch of out of work mercenaries but a dedicated group of young professionals…though they do sing the theme tune on a regular basis.


Well it’s a fair question, and no you haven’t hurt our feelings!

Choosing the right agency to support a move to Ireland is hugely important.Paul Pointing

We don’t want you to get caught out by a load of old Blarney! Thankfully Partnership International and our Irish partners have years of experience organizing successful programs and offer a fantastic support network whilst you’re in Ireland !

We believe that the diversity and quality of our program will give you the best possible experience of being an intern.

From the moment you sign up until the minute you get home we’re there to help. Our dedicated team here in Ireland are all highly qualified professionals, many of whom have been interns themselves (so they know exactly what issues might arise, and importantly how to solve them). They all have in-depth knowledge of the program and will be able to give you the maximum amount of support whenever needed.


We’re glad you asked! Partnership International provides international internship programs that enable you to gain valuable professional experience, while exploring exciting new places and developing a global network. You will also have the chance to travel around the country as you always have 2 days off every week plus additional time   after your internship! The majority of Ireland’s best sights are only a few hours away no matter where you are staying!


  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Events & PR
  • Fashion
  • Film & Animation
  • Law
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Non-Profit
  • Pharmacy
  • Social Work
  • Theater & Performing Arts
  • Tourism & Hospitality

Parents, we know it can be exciting, challenging and stressful all at once having your son or daughter away studying or working abroad so read our ‘Information for Parents‘ page to help put your mind at ease.Please note that our internship programs are flexible and run all year round but we recommend booking at least 2 months before you plan to arrive. Please read our application information page for more details about booking your work-study adventure.


Always up for the craic, Dublin is famous the world over as a capital filled with culture, nightlife and history! Walk the same streets as Joyce, sample the world’s best pint of Guinness and enjoy some of the best live music going. With great transport links, multi-national companies and a focus on business, Dublin is the perfect destination for anyone who wants the feel of a capital city without the unique madness of London!


Welcome to Cork boy! Ireland’s second city and definitely its friendliest! Cork is a vibrant, exciting city with a big heart and a young population. It has a fantastic social scene with dancing, live music and amazing local food all on offer. Investment is pouring in, major corporations have their bases here and the city has great links to Europe and beyond. Close to the countryside and a stone’s throw from the sea an internship in Cork will be unforgettable!




Fine art, stunning architecture and flamboyant festivals make Seville one of Spain’s crown jewels. A hotbed for flamenco, amazing gastronomy and beautiful weather mark the city as one of the most desirable places in Europe to live. Add in an abundance of parks and public spaces, great public transport, growing business opportunities and a strong research and development base the city has it all! If you are looking for a truly special place to do an internship then look no further than Seville!


Sun, sea, sand and golden opportunities; Valencia is a jewel of the Mediterranean and a fantastic place to do an internship! With a unique blend of ancient buildings and cutting edge design the city is breath-taking, and filled with some of the friendliest people you could meet. From its exciting nightlife to its opportunities for sport and relaxation no wonder Valencia is one of the most visited cities in the Med. Couple that with great work opportunities and it’s great European location, Valencia is a city well worth exploring!




Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It has a young population and wonderful nightlife. The headquarters of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology are located here and the city has excellent business opportunities. Budapest is a great place to gain new skills and professional experience.



Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in the real Emerald Isle? With it’s beautiful picturesque surroundings and many rolling hills, Kerry the Kingdom is the place to be, whether you want to take a tour around the Ring of Kerry, basque in the glory of our amazing National Park or swim with Fungi in Dingle.




  • Which city do I want to live in? Take the time to research each option and make an informed decision. Think about the cost of living, where you might want to visit, and what type of experience you are looking for.
  • What type of job do I want? What are you interested in? Do you have a career you want to pursue? What skills do you have already? How can an internship program help you achieve your career goals?
  • Do I like living with other people? It is likely that you will be living with other students in flat share accommodation so you need to be comfortable with other people.
  • Am I prepared to take on responsibility? An internship is not a holiday! You will be expected to work hard, be professional and always turn up on time. The more effort you put into your job the more you will get from it, but just be sure that you know the responsibilities before you apply.

  • Paula

    (Madrid, Spain)

    This experience have been really positive for me. I have learned how to live independently, how to value a lot of things (a job, a weekend, to do the shopping, to save money, to spend money in a responsible way, etc.). I also have demonstrated to myself that I am a professional and that I enjoy teaching a lot. Now I know that I am qualified to be a teacher in a different country with a different language. I recommend this programme for everybody because it is fantastic!

  • Asisa

    (Kronach, Germany)

    First of all, I really love Cork! The people are very nice and friendly. My placement was with a very cool and friendly company as well. I enjoyed the time with my cool colleagues and boss! My work was familiar to me because I translated documents like I am learning in Germany. I would recommend an internship in Cork for every student because it is worth it. You improve your language skills and learn the culture. The Irish accent is also very cool but funny as well! So, I really enjoyed my time here. Thank you Partnership International!

  • Steph

    (Berlin, Germany)

    With my internship, organised by Partnership International, I got to visit many different Irish companies and was involved with introducing international students to them. I was also involved with inductions and orientations for foreign students. My work also included office administration. My colleagues were really nice so the working experience was very good. And I got to see a bit of Ireland while there. I’ve been to the Cliffs of Moher, a whiskey distillery, a falconry and many places more. So, overall it was a great experience and I would totally recommend it!

  • Aneta

    (Czech Republic)

    Ireland is an absolutely nice country, people are very kind and friendly, the nature is beautiful even if the weather is not as good as you’d expect. I lived in the city of Cork. It’s not so big but it’s really nice and you cannot get lost there.

    I got this opportunity thanks to Partnership International. I worked in Cork for a month and I can say it was the best practical training which I ever had.

  • Christian

    (Berlin, Germany)

    So after all, I have to say it was an absolutely great opportunity to get to know a new country/city, people and to make an intercultural experience. I am lucky that Partnership International organised everything so well and that they were hands-on to their students the entire trip. Thanks very much for everything and keep doing what you are doing! It will definitely not be my last time in Ireland and you helped me to open new ways! Cheers!

  • Xabier


    I really liked doing an internship in Cork for 3 months. In fact, I’m going to stay here another 3 months (the company where I did the internship hired me!). The city is nice and everybody is very kind, friendly and open-minded. The worst for me, as Spanish, is the weather and the prices. My English is improving a lot and I travelled around this awesome island, so I think as a vital experience it was perfect. I’ve made a great decision taking this internship with Partnership International, the welcome was excellent as was the company where I did my internship.

  • Laura

    (Bordeaux, France)

    My internship has given me the opportunity to learn a lot and to improve my professional skills in a foreign language. It was a great opportunity for me to gain practical skills and work within a professional team. The lessons I learned as an intern are still with me today and I’m thankful to all the team of Partnership International who were a real pleasure to deal with. I would recommend an experience like this to everyone.