Lyon the City of Charm

Being an intern abroad is one of the most enriching experiences anyone can have, and this is why you should not be afraid to move away from your comfort zone. Completing an internship abroad is the ideal experience to try new things, gain some professional skills in an international atmosphere and improve a new language. Check out our guide to Lyon for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Lyon is the third most important city in France after Paris and Marseille. It is very well connected with Europe via road, train and has good air connections. So what better than to do an internship in Lyon?

The public transport in Lyon is superb. The centre of the city is relatively large and there is a good network of trams, metro, buses and Vélo´v (a bicycle-system). The common system transport is composed of 4 metro lines (Metro A – Pink line, Metro B – Blue line, Metro C – Orange line and Metro D – Green line), 4 tram lines, 2 funiculars and a lot of buses. As an intern you may have to travel to work and Lyon would be perfect place to complete an internship. 

The city of Lyon vibrates, has style, an unbeatable gastronomy and an architectural legacy of great value. Lyon can be visited by walking, bordering its two rivers and its well-divided and easily orientated areas:

  • The District of Fourviére:

It is one of the mountains from where you have really beautiful views of Lyon. Here you can find a good number of churches and in this area the romans also settled and left their historical legacy in form of amphitheater and other ruins. 

  • The Vieux Lyon

In the “Vieux Lyon” (The Ancient Lyon) the historical legacy left by the Renaissance. Lyon is the second largest European Renaissance city after Venice. You will see this area on the right bank of the river Saona. Inside you can see the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral with a beautiful square just in front. Also in this zone are the churches of San Jean and San Geroge. On its narrow streets you will find the famous bouchon: the traditional food restaurants of Lyon that you can have a wonderful meal for a cheap price.

  • Presqu’île:

It is the small island that both rivers border in the heart of the city. On it we can find the majestic townhall and the huge Bellecour Square, the third largest square in France behind the Quincones square in Bordeaux and the Concord square in Paris.

Strolling through Presqu’île is a delight and apart from a multitude of shops you will find the Opera building and a curious wall painted in a building with a lot of artists and celebrities born in the city of Lyon.

  • Croix-Rousse:

It is situated in the north of Presqu’île and in this area you will find the old silk factories that today have been remodelled to houses. It is worth getting inside some of the buildings to contemplate the curious architecture of them.

The city is also famous for its festival of lights. On December 8 of each year, the whole city is dressed in beautiful lighting and even the windows are filled with candles.

There are also a lot of festivals in Lyon divided into two seasons. On the one hand, we have The International Festival of the black and police genre of Lyon, which takes place during the spring, is one of the most important in Europe. It is a multi-artistic meeting, with filmmakers, writers and artists who explore an ever popular genre. And on the other hand, in summer there are many cultural festivals, such as “Les Nuits de Fouvière” that take place in a very special setting: the old theatre of Fourvière. In this festival there is music, theatre and cinema.

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