My Impression of the First Three Weeks in Cork

Hello, it’s Mary again! ¬†ūüôā¬†
It has been three weeks since I arrived in Cork on the Erasmus+ programme. During this time I had the opportunity to get to know the city, the people and their lifestyle.

Immediately after the Cork Jazz Festival, it was the time to celebrate Halloween and Partnership International organised an event for us and it was so funny, I could live the experience of this festival which unfortunately in my country isn’t recognised.¬†Because of the bad weather I didn’t¬†much of a¬†chance¬†to visit other places, but¬†I did visit the English Market where I could taste the food that was very good and people were really kind and friendly. Then I went to Fitzgerald’s Park which is 20 minutes from where I live now. It’s a park bigger than those that are found¬†in my country, covered with trees, paths, and surrounded by a lake. The autumn colours make your life more magical. In few words it is a great place to spend some quiet time in the company of a family member, a friend or even with yourself.

Another place that I visited is the UCC: University College Cork, located near Fitzgerald Park. All the Gothic architecture aesthetically recalls the famous school of magic that everyone dreams of: Hogwarts. It was like being in a movie or a Harry Potter book, it was really wonderful!

So, for these first three weeks I can really say I enjoyed it all, I hope to find out other new things in Cork and all over the Ireland.

Cheers¬† ūüėĬ†

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