What NOT to ask in a job interview

A job interview is an interview consisting of a conversation between a job applicant and an employee of the company. The interviewer will use questions to understand how an applicant would react in a certain situations and needs to find out things about you and vice versa. However, some questions will not be adequate and here we have a small collection of questions you DO NOT ask in a job interview.


Questions NOT to ask in a Job Interview 

– Ask what the job is or what the requirements are

This shows lack of interest and/or memory. Read the job requirements and all of the information available to you. If you have any doubts about a particular requirement, go ahead, but do not ask anything that they have already specified.

– Ask about promotions and other positions at the company

This may show disinterest in the position you are interviewing for. Its great to show ambition, and that is fine, but not when they need to cover the offered position. There will be time later, when there is an offer of employment.

– Ask things about the company you could have found by doing some research 

It is very important to do as much research on the company before the job interview. You maybe showing them that you have no interest in their company, and that you have not made any effort to research your possible future employer. Do an internet search before going to the interview and remember the most important piece of information. Try and have at least ten points about the company. 

– Ask about salary and vacation in the Job Interview

Yes it is something important and you should know them before accepting the position, but in the first interview it is not the best time to be asking, unless the interviewer himself pulls out the topic. Wait for the next interview or a formal job offer, or it may give the interviewer the feeling that you are not interested in anything else.



– Questions about the office, work material, work from home…

You have to know before accepting a job, but if it’s what matters most to you, they will not want you on their team. Wait and ask further information when you have been offered a position.

Best of luck in your next job interview. From Partnership International we hope that to know what NOT to ask in a job interview, to help you to find your first job (Or internship!) and grow on your professional career.


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