Rebeka and her Internship Experience

Rebeka is a 23-year-old student from Slovenia. She has been in Ireland for the last month and will be here until October. In this case study, we find out her story.

Q What brought you to Ireland?

A University Erasmus – 3 months during summer to put her language skills into practice. Ireland was the most interesting country option for her, with history, mythology, and magic!

Q How did you organise it?

Rebeka’s coordinator connected her with Partnership International. They organised everything from accommodation to an internship. Rebeka had never flown before so having help planning her trip was very comforting and gave her more courage to travel solo.

Q The internship?

Rebeka was placed in a programming company called App Addiction. She works for them in the offices of Partnership International. The biggest advantage was practicing English, being surrounded by it and experiencing real life usage. She had a great opportunity to gain new skills (especially in programming) and knowledge beyond that taught in college.

Q List three things you have learned from your experience so far.

  1. Learned a new programme from training – Basch.
  2. A part of Ireland speaks only Irish – the Gaeltachts
  3. How to live on her own and be completely independent.

Rebeka street


Rebeka’s Career

Q What do you study?

Informatics. Which is…? The study of computational systems: computer development, programming, engineering hardware and software.

Q Did you always know what you wanted a career in?

NO! In High School, Rebeka studied Nature Conservation. She wanted to go to college so started a Social Informatics degree, studying sociology, statistics and more. During her first year she discovered the programming language called Python. Always on computers and video games, she saw the opportunity to create something with it. Before second year, she transferred to another college to do Engineering for Informatics.

Q What are your future plans?

To finish school and find a job where she can program, create something and be involved in new ideas. Rebeka wants to be occupied with hobbies such as creating and exploring. She wants to go back to rock climbing – combining computer logic with nature.


Q When/ Why did you start learning English

In Primary school Rebeka heard English was compelled to learn. She taped herself with the program Audacity and then could play it back. Listening to Kate Nash, she watched the singers mouth for pronunciation. Self-taught, she worked really hard because it gave her opportunities to speak with people from other countries, who she otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate with. Rebeka believed she could get an insight into a person’s country of origin just by talking to them. Flights to the Philipinnes or Costa Rica were much too expensive, but she sees a slice of these places interacting with their citizens.

Q What do you enjoy most about traveling?

Experiencing the people, landscapes and culture. Rebeka adores how humans are all the same but evolve based on influences, even as simple as weather, that shape our culture.  She loves seeing the beauty of these differences.

Case cliffs

Some Quick Questions to Finish

Q Your favorite colour? Blue

Q What three things would you bring to the moon?  A Sketch book, pen and blanket

Q What food could you not live without?  Crisps (Cheese and onion)

Q What job would you be absolutely terrible at? A Chef – too stressful as a perfectionist!

Q What do you do in your free time? Write and draw, listen to music, read comic books (Manga, Anime), watch Tv series and play video games.

Q What would be your super power?   To have wings and be able to fly

Rebeka will never forget this life changing experience and would recommend it 10/10. If you want the chance to do the same, check out our internships today.


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