The Ultimate Guide to Italy

If you’re thinking of planning to complete an internship in Italy, study the Italian language or just visiting the country on your holidays. You will definitely need to read our ultimate guide to Italy, so you will be up to the mark with everything you need to know before you arrive.


People & Culture

It’s a Mediterranean country, so there are lots of ethnicities in it, like North African Arab, Itali-Albanian, German, Austrian… and in the border towns you can find people of France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, but most of the population is Italian.

Family is an extremely important value within the Italian culture, they enjoy with the whole family, not just parents and children. Family gatherings happening all of the time.

About the religion, 90% of the population are Roman Catholicism and the other 10% are Protestant, Jewish and Muslims.


People mostly speaks Italian (about 93%), but there are other dialects, like Sardinian, Neapolitan, Sicilian or Milanese. But don’t worry, everybody will understand you in Italian!


People, when introduced, shake hands, but just the first time you meet. The next times people used to air-kissing on both cheeks, starting with the left, but just if one of them is a woman, if there are two men, they pat on the back.


We already showed you a video of Spanish gestures, and that’s because we think it is the best way to learn the body language. Soo… here you have another video with a few examples of the most popular gestures in Italy:



For Italians, food is part of their life, the family gatherings we’ve already talk are usually around the table. Depending of the region the most popular ingredients are different, but wine, cheese and pasta are the meeting point.

Italian restaurant


In Italy the most played sports are soccer, cyclism, basketball and tennis. They’ve been playing football since the days of the Roman Empire, and although it has evolved, it continues to enjoy the same.

Currency Information

If you live in the European Union you will have no problem with this, because the Italian currency is the Euro.

Things to Do

Definitely, if you make a trip to Italy, you should visit the amazing buildings all over the country. They have very different and wonderful architectural styles, like classical Roman, Renaissance, Barque and Neoclassical. Our MUSTS are the Colosseum (Rome), Tower of Pisa, Sistine Chapel (Rome) and Santa María del Fiore cathedral (Florence).



Italy is one of the cradles of European culture, like France, and you can’t leave the country without visit some of their museums: Vatican Museums (even if you are not a Christian you will love it, it’s full of impressive works of art), Accademia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery and Medici Chapel.


Italians live around socializing: the towns are constructed around squares where people meet. There are lots of bars and cafés open long into de evening, and of course discos to dance all night. To enter the discos you can expect to pay for entry, but your first drink is usually included in the entrance. And if you are young, don’t panic, there are discos on weekend afternoons for the under 16s.


The best way to make a trip in Italy Is use the train. The routes are all over the country and you can go almost everywhere, and if there’s a little town without train station you can take a bus. There are lots of airports too, but train used to be cheaper and the time you will spend is really similar.

Culture Shock

The Personal Space is closer than other countries. Late dining is usual too in this country, rarely before 20:00h, so if you go to a restaurant before that time, they won’t understand you want to dinner, just to have a coffee or a snack.

The Ultimate Guide to Italy Infographic

Guide to Italy

We hope you to find this ultimate guide to Italy useful to really enjoy your travel. See you in Italy! Thinking about completing an internship in Europe, check out our internship programs today. 


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