Farewell Dear Ireland

It’s amazing how fast time flies!

I’m here for eleven weeks now and it feels like it was yesterday when I first came to Cork and thought: “Oh god, I’m going to live here for almost three months.” I can still recall the feeling I had in my stomach just thinking about my first day at work.

On the way to Ireland

And now I’m sitting here comfortable at my desk watching my co-workers do their work. I know every name and I know a lot of great stories. We had so much to laugh and we definitely had so many fun times together.

At the beginning of my journey I never understood how living in another country could change a person. People always came back from their amazing trips and I looked at them and thought: “What happened to you?” I thought that three months can’t change a person. Thank god, I was wrong.

I feel different now.

I live alone in Germany. I’ve got my own little flat and I’m perfectly fine with it. So the thought of living together with four more people was absolutely horrifying. It turned out to be much better than expected. I had so much fun with my roommates and I can’t think of a better way to have spent my time here. I got to know really nice people, lived with them together, laughed with them together and learned a thing or two.

I learned to juggle with one hand (thanks, Darleen!), I know now that you can do a dessert with lots of marshmallows, Kinder Chocolate and crackers (thanks, Mehmet!) and I had the best secondhand-shopping adventures with Janet. You always had someone to talk to or to take care of you when you were sick (thanks, Lena!). So overall, thanks to all of you guys for being awesome roommates and for teaching me that living together with a few people can be pretty cool and fun!

Internship in Ireland

I also learned to have patience. Ever waited for an Irish bus to arrive? Or have you ever been told when it finally did that there’s no more room for more people and you have to wait another hour for the next one? Or have you ever waited in line and the cashier couldn’t bother stopping to talk to her co-worker scanning the items as slow as possible. Yep – that’s also Ireland. But it teaches you to stop hurrying so much and if anything bad happens just make the best out of it! There’s always sunshine after rain even if it might take a while (especially in Ireland)!


Because of my work I found a new passion and hobby for video editing and learned a few things about photography. I always loved taking pictures but I never really had the time to bother learning all the technical stuff. Here I finally had the chance to improve my skills and take some really cool pictures of Ireland.

Photographing Ireland

I learned to be happy with just being myself. You get to know so many different people and they are fun in their own way even if they don’t fit in the your picture of how people should behave or look like. I learned about different cultures (and not only the Irish one) and I know how comfortable my life in Germany is.

The best thing I learned is to be more open minded, talk more to people I don’t know and to just stop being scared of new experiences and adventure. And I can never thank Partnership International, and all the other people involved in this experience, enough.

Farewell Ireland

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