My first week in Cork or “Why is everyone so damn friendly?”

Okay. I get it. You might have heard it a few times already that the Irish people are friendly and helpful and nice. It’s not that big of a secret anymore. But still it’s worth mentioning for everyone who’s here for their first time – you might need to practise smiling all day and get used to to say “Thanks”, “You’re welcome” or simply “Cheers!” like all the time.


My friend, and colleague, Lena and I arrived in Ireland on 8 June 2015 to start our professional internships in Cork. Never in my life have I been to an English speaking country before so I was pretty excited and as nervous as someone without any expectations can be (let me tell you: a lot). Thank God there was still some time left before I arrived in my new “home” for the next three months – and with “some time” I mean a three hours bus ride with a delay of one hour because the bus I wanted to take originally was full. But there are worse things that could happen on a sunny Sunday!


The sun didn’t only keep us company until we arrived in Cork but for the whole week! And people say it’s always raining in Ireland. Haha! (I have the feeling I will definitely regret saying this but just let me live in my imaginary world full of sunshine.)


I got really lucky with the place I work at. I wrote in my application that I’d like to do something creative and that’s exactly what I get to do right now by taking pictures and filming videos!


So what is my first impression of Cork and Ireland itself?

  • “The Green Island” is definitely not just a name!
  • Strangers seem to love talking to you (and not in a creepy kind of way! They just love talking  about the weather!)
  • Beamish is pretty tasty!
  • Even though the pubs and disocs close at half past two at night there’s still something going on in the street so don’t think you’ll be home early!
  • There are street musicians everywhere and most of them are so talented it’s simply amazing.
  • Sometimes “How are you” is a real question you need to answer and sometimes people don’t expect an answer. Weird, I know.
  • “Spot the tourists” is a pretty funny game. We’ll be wearing coats and freezing while the Irish enjoy the nice summer in dresses and short clothes. Or they are simply mocking us by pretending it’s warm. Haven’t found the answer yet.


For now I feel really comfortable here and I hope the next ten weeks will turn out as fun as the first week already was. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, Cork! 

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