Sweets of Ireland… or how to get fat the fastest way possible!

At the beginning of our stay here in Ireland, my roommate Lena and I noticed a little cupcake shop called “The Cupcake”on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork. And that’s were everything begun…

She brought a big box of cupcakes home this evening. “We should do this every Wednesday!”, someone of us said and so our mission to try as many different sweets as possible started!

So as I said first of all we had five cupcakes sitting in front of us waiting to be eaten. Instead of deciding between Oreo, Raspberry, Chocolate, Strawberry and Fererro Rocher we shared and shared alike. My favourite was Strawberry and Oreo! And beware: The chocolate one is REALLY ridiculously chocolatey.

Since our fate was already decided and our mission was clear we had the best brownies in town for the next week. If you love chocolate you’ll need to try the chocolate brownies by O’Conaill. I had the chance to try them before because one of my co-workers brought some of these delicious treats to work so I already knew what awaited me – chocolate heaven.

(They might look innocent but you’re in for a surprise)

Week Three began and so did our hunger for more sweets. This time we had tiny tasty cakes from a bakery at the English Market. And yes – they are as amazing as they look. They clearly are in the “You need to try it because words can’t describe it” section of this blog. Seriously. Try them.

Mini Cakes
For the next week we had an apple pie (Dunnes Stores) and five chocolate chip cookies (Marks & Spencer). And the best tip for these is: Put them in the oven. Some things just taste better when they are warm.

Cookies & Apple Pie
Week Five was rather sad because our roommate Mehmet would be gone by the end of it. So we clearly had to do something big and nice for his last “Treat yourself” Wednesday! And that’s exactly what we did! Again we went to a bakery at the English Market and had them prepare the biggest and most delicious chocolate fudge cake! And it was totally worth it!

Chocolate Cake
One of our roommates was gone but that didn’t stop us to continue to eat ALL THE SWEETS. Again the English Market was our destination. This ended in getting a piece of chocolate cake, espresso cake, lemon cake and red velvet cake. I still have the taste of the espresso one in my mouth. (Nom nom nom!)

Four Cakes 
As you can see – we love cake. So how to celebrate week seven other than by having a cake? And what’s a better place to get a cake than the English Market? We had a delicious biscuit roll.

Biscuit Roll 
For the next week we had something else. Our roommate Janet loves the sweets from Marks & Spencer so she treated us with three muffins (and every one of them had a sweet filling!) and two caramel pieces. SO GOOD. I could’ve eaten like three or five more but my stomach screamed: “Nooo. Please stop!” Sometimes you simply have to listen to your stomach. And your trousers.

Muffins and Caramel Pieces 
And here we are now. We had some delicious muffins (from a bakery at the Mahon Point Centre) and hazelnut filled chocolate cookies from Tesco. Especially the muffin with the caramel frosting was my favourite but I wouldn’t say no to the banana one with chocolate on top. (Let’s be serious: I wouldn’t say no to any of these muffins.)

Muffins and Cookies 
So what can I say about our sweets journey? It wasn’t hard, it was damn tasty and I would do it again without any regrets. I don’t want to ask my trousers and shirts what they would like to say about this great time because I can still hear them crying in the closet.

But hey – I will not continue this weekly craziness once I’m back in Germany… I think. Only if there’s a reason to do it!

Cake Box 
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